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A List of the World-Class Manufacturers We Represent:



Products: A Complete Line of Dry-Type Transformers

(Una gran variedad de transformadores tipo seco)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website: www.acmepowerdist.com

Abtech Inc.






Products: A widely varied line of Enclosures, Lighting, Cable Glands & Devices for both Industrial and Hazardous Area apllications.

(Una linea de Equipos Electricos para areas peligrosos e Industriales como, por ejemplo: Arrancadores, Cajas, Iluminacion etc. )

Territory:  Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.abtech-inc.com

Amtec Corp.


Products: A Complete line of Control Cable Connectors, Cable Grips & Wire Mesh Products

(Conectores para el control de cable eléctrico, Agarras de tensión de cable)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.amtecgrips.com


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Territory: Cayman Islands; Jamaica

CEE Power Systems


Products: A Full line of Premolded Cable accessories for Underground Distribution Systems

(Conectores / Accesorios de Cable tipo Premoldeados para sistemas subterráneas)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.ceepower.com/zndqen/

Clinton Nevada


Products: "Ultra Pure" Fuel purification units for diesel engine generator systems, and "Ultra Pure" Continuous Cycle Oil filtration units for Transformer load tap changer applications.

(Equipos de filtración para purificar gasóleo/diésel en generadores de respaldo y aceite en transformadores tipo subestación)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean; Florida

Website:  www.purepowersystems.com

Manufacturing Company (CMC/BMC)
A subsidiary of   LLC




Products: Aluminum & Copper Compression and Mechanical Style Connectors, also a wide range of Enclosures; Aluminum Platforms; Meter, Equipment & Cluster Mounts for Utility Markets.

(Conectores de Aluminio y Cobre tipo compresion y apernado. Tambien, una gran variedad de gabinetes, plataformas de aluminio y equipo para el montaje de materiales electricos.)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website: www.cmclugs.com

Connector Products Inc.




Products: A Varied Line of High-Performance, Low-Resistance Shear Bolt Head Cable Connectors requiring NO Special Tooling.

(Conectores para cables aéreas de diseño rompe-cabeza que no requiere cartucho explosivo ni herramienta especial para realizar su instalación)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.connectorproducts.com

CROP Group

Coming Soon...

Delta Star Connector Company

Coming Soon...

EATON Powerware


Products: UPS Systems, DC Power Products

(Equipos de respaldo ininterrumpida de bateria, Fuentes de Energia CD)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.powerware.com

EFI Electronics by Schneider Electric


Products: The most comprehensive portfolio of Surge Protection Solutions

(Supresores contra los picos eléctricos para la protección de maquinaria en la oficina como, por ejemplo: computadoras, fotocopiadoras, fax y teléfonos)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.efielectronics.com



Products: A complete line of Single & Three Phase Pole and Pad Mount Transformers

(Transformadores Tipo Poste y Pad-Mount en Monofasico y de Tres Fases)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website: www.everpowerelectric.com




Products: Manufacturer of Specialist Hand Tools for the Petroleum, Natural Gas and Water Well Industries

(Una linea extensiva de herrajes especiales para las industias de petroleo, gas natural y pozos de agua)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.gearench.com


Grid Power Products



Products: A complete line Electrical Utility Products such as: Automatic Connectors; Conductor; Formed Wire & Fiberglass Products; Fused Cutouts; Insulators and much more

(Una linea extensiva de productos para las empresas electricas como, por ejemplo: conectores automaticos; cables/conductores; productos preformados y fibra de vidrio; cortacorrientes tipo fusibles; aisladores y mucho mas)

Territory: Bolivia; Chile; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay

Website:  www.gridpowerproducts.com

Hotlink Hardware Co. Ltd.

Products: HOTLINK manufactures a wide range of Automatic Tension Splices, as well as 'QUICKLINK' and 'QUICKVISE' Deadend connectors for Utility customers around the world

(Una linea de empalmes automaticos y terminales para conductores aereas)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean; United States

Website:  www.gzhotlink.com

Jiangsu Guohua Steel Pole Manufacturing Co.



Products: A wide range of towers for many different market applications, including: Utility, Sports Stadiums, Wind Power, Traffic Signal, etc.

(Una linea amplia de torres para un gran rango de aplicaciones)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean; United States

Website: www.sinosteelpole.com

Pioneer Transformers



Products: A Wide Variety of Oil-Filled Transformers up to 25MVA at 69kV

(Una gran variedad de transformadores tipo aceite hasta 25MVA a 69 kV)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:   www.pioneertransformers.com


Coming Soon...



Products: A solid immersion device which comes in five (5) different lengths, simply placed inside the fuel tank of ANY type of vehicle, both diesel and gas. Rigorous testing by Universities, Government Agencies, Transportation Companies and several well recognized Independent Laboratories have proven conclusively that the use of SUPERTECH can reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%, while also reducing gas emissions up to as much as 75%! And each unit comes with a full five (5) year factory warranty.

Territory: U.S.A.

Website: www.supertech.it/en/home

THORSMAN by thorsmex group




Products: Cable Management Systems; Anchoring Material; Products for Telecom and Floor Outlet Boxes. Serving a diverse market base, including: Home, Office, School & Hospitals

(Productos de Canalizacion; Fijacion; Telecom y Cajas de Piso para Hogar, Corporativo, Escuela, Hospitales y Oficina)

Territory: All of the Americas & Caribbean Basin

Website:   www.thorsman.com.mx

TransLectric Inc.

Products: A complete line of service parts for Heavy Duty Equipment & Vehicles in a wide range of industrial markets

(Una linea amplia de repuestos para equipos de servicio pesado y vehículos para un gama extensiva de varias industrias y mercados)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean: European Union

Website:   www.translectricinc.com


Coming Soon...

YokeLink Machinery Co., Ltd.



Products: A wide variety of Pole Line Hardware products, including: Machine, Carriage & Double Arming Bolts; Square Flat, Curved & Round Washers, Insulator & Pole Top Pins, Brackets and much more

(Una gran variedad de herrajes, incluyendo: Pernos de Maquina, tipo Doble Armado y Coche; Arandelas Redondas y Cuadradas tipo Plano y Curva y mucho mas para la construcción de lineas aéreas)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean

Website:  www.yokelink.com

Wenzhou Ziyong Electrical Co., Ltd.



Products: A large assortment of overhead cable fittings, including Insulation Piercing Connectors (IPC's) and Parallel Grove Clamps for both Aluminum & Copper Cables.

(Un gran sortido de acesorios para cables aereos, incluyendo IPC's - conectores tipo perforacion y GPC's - conectores atornillados tipo paralelos de aluminio y cobre)

Territory: Latin America; Caribbean
Website: www.chinaziyong.com

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